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- 2007                                      

Khorasgan Islamic Azad University, Iran.

Master’s Degree of Physical Education

Obtaining the Second Rank among the students of Master’s Program of Physical Education of Khorasgan Islamic Azad University (GPA: 17.78)


- 2005                                      

Mobarakeh Islamic Azad University, Iran.

Bachelor’s Degree of Physical Education

Obtaining the Distinguished Rank among the students of Bachelor’s Program of Physical Education in Mobarakeh Islamic Azad University (GPA: 17.50)


Professional Certificates:

- First Aid Certificate from Iranian Red Crescent Society;

- Sport Therapy Certificate from Sports Medicine Federation of Iran;

- Coaching Certificate in Bodybuilding, Physical Fitness, Water Sports, Massage; 


Teaching Experience:


Teaching the Physical Education Courses in Almahdi-Mehr Isfahan Institute of Higher Education, Isfahan, Iran.              

2016 - 2017

Technical and Vocational Training Department, Isfahan, Iran. 

Massage instructor

2015 - 2017                        

Teaching the Physical Education Courses in Ashrafi Esfahani University, Isfahan, Iran.

2011 – Current

IRI Public Sports Federation

Physical Fitness Instructor

2011 – Current

Sport and Youth Organization and Sports Medicine Board of Isfahan Province, Iran.

Instructor for Corrective Exercise, Anatomy, Movement Analysis, Physioball Exercise, Stretching Exercise.


Work Experience:


Manager of Superior Technique Website at the address:

2018 – Current

Workplace: Mahana Sports Club (for women)

Position: Promoter

2017 – 2018

Workplace: Association of Health and Corrective Exercises of Sports Organization of Municipality of Isfahan.

Position: Chairman


Execution of the Corrective Exercises Plan for the Personnel of Agricultural Jahad of Esfahan Province.

2015 - Current

Workplace: Homaye-Rahmat Spports Club

Position: Manager


Sports Expert for Isfahan Radio Sport Program


Execution of Isfahan Municipality Project for checking sports equipment installed in parks

2011 - 2013

Workplace: Mehrbanoo Sports Club (for women)

Position: Promoter

2011 – 2012

Workplace: Committee of Massage Therapy of Isfahan Province

Position: Chairman

2010 - Current

Workplace: Education Department

Position: Physical Education Teacher


Workplace: Water Sports Committee of Isfahan Province

Position: Secretary


- Technical Manager for Molaye-Arshian Super Cup Futsal Competitions

- Supervisor of the Municipality Team of Athletes under 15 years old and achieving the first rank in the competitions

2006 – 2010

Workplace: Sports and Recreation Department of Isfahan Municipality

Position: Educational and Sports Manager


Coaching Experience:

2017 – Current

Bodybuilding coach for youth football team of Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan Sport Club.


Bodybuilding coach for football team of Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan Sport Club in Asiavision Competitions.


Bodybuilding coach for Azin Sepehr Futsal Team in National Youth Championship Tournaments


Bodybuilding coach for Foolad Mahan Futsal Team in National Adults Championship Tournaments


- Bodybuilding coach for Youth Football Team of Municipality, National Youth Championship Tournaments

- Bodybuilding coach for Youth Futsal Team of Municipality, National Youth Championship Tournaments


Bodybuilding coach for Futsal Team of Isfahan Post Office, National Youth Championship Tournaments


Championship records:


Third Rank in Beach Soccer Competitions of Isfahan Province, Iran.


Third Rank in Workers Swimming Competitions of Isfahan Province


Third Rank in Students Handball Competitions of the Forth Region, Iran.

1997 - 2000

First Rank in Boxing Competitions of Isfahan Province, Iran.


Books, papers and designs:

Compiling the paper titled “The Effect of Corrective Exercise for Eight Weeks on Ball Shooting Technique in Male Adolescents Football Players affected with Genu Valgum” in International Football clinic Congress.    


- Compiling the book titled “Child Sports Persons but Pros”

- Designing an application for observation of exercise in patients;


- Designing a new banner for substitution of TVN with TRX


 Honorary Membership of Scientific Task Force for Compiling Health-Based Educational Messages in Ministry of Sport and  

 Youth, Iran.


Designing a CD for Sports Skills Analysis and Anatomy for Isfahan Province Organization of Sport and Youth;


Translation of the book titled “Walking Techniques”;


Compiling books titled “Sport and Nutrition for Health and Slimming”, “What Female Athletes Need to Know”, “Resistance Band Exercises” and “Flash Card for Home Workout Special for Employees and Females”.


- Designing a CD for Yoga Anatomy;

- Translation of the book titled “Top 100 Sport Exercises”  


Designing 20 brochures and posters for sports activities    


Translation of the book titled “Statistics in Physical Education”


- Compiling the book titled “Field and Laboratory Tests”

- Compiling a booklet for physical fitness exercises for fire fighters


Training Course Certificate:

- International Seminar on Physical Activity and Public Sports;

- Strength and Conditioning for 6-17 years old;

- Coaching Course for Speclal ages u9 – u15.

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